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Alca Plus

Alca Plus


Alca-Plus raises the total alkalinity (TA) level of your spa water. A low TA level may cause the pH to fluctuate. It also causes spa water to be corrosive, which may result in staining and damage to the spa surfaces.


• Prevents spa and equipment damage • More stable pH value
• Improves flocculation

Product description

White odourless powder
Contains: Sodium Hydrogencarbonate

Dosing recommendations

Check the TA at least once a week using SpaTime test strips, and if necessary adjust to the optimum value of 80 – 120 mg/L. Dissolve the required amount in a clean container, with clean water. Always wash container thoroughly before use. Always add product to water and not vice versa. Pour solution evenly around the perimeter of your spa with the filter pump running.

Important information

This product should be used solely for the purpose specified.

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