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At Eco leisure sw, we believe that you should spend more time enjoying your spa and less time taking care of it.  That’s why we offer a simple, easy-to-use line of products that are easy to understand and will keep your spa looking and feeling great. 

Our company strives to deal with the day to day spa treatments and chemicals and best quality products available.

 We also sell products to treat pools.  If you own a pool, then we are here to help whether it may be services or chemical advice. 



Active Oxygen is a tried and tested alternative method of keeping your spa safe and clean without using halogen based sanitisers such as Chlorine or Bromine. 
Spa Time Active Oxygen is really simple to use by introducing 1 cap of Activator liquid per week then adding granules 15 minutes before each spa use…it’s as simple as that!



Alca-Plus SpaTime increases the alkalinity (TAC) of your spa water. A TAC too low can cause pH instability which then becomes difficult to regulate. 

Check the TAC at least once a week using test strips.



Spa Time Active Oxygen is a two part Chlorine free treatment to create a more natural and pleasant water quality.

The Active Oxygen Granules are fast dissolving for disinfecting the spa water gently.



You don’t want organic substances such as bacteria or fungi to ruin your relaxation in the spa. Although only a few bacteria and fungi present a risk of infection to bathers, they can reproduce rapidly to make the water slimy and turbid.

SpaTime, with various disinfection methods, guarantees to effectively disinfect your spa water so that every single drop remains perfectly hygienic. Available treatment methods are chlorine, bromine and chlorine-free based on active oxygen.



Besides disinfection and pH value regulation, spas need from time to time additional care and cleaning for the purest bathing: from removing calcium precipitations from pool walls and pipe work, to preventing foam after switching on the jets. You can rely on a broad range of SpaTime cleaning products to ensure superior care of your spa.



Over a period of time pipework can become contaminated. The impurities in the pipework absorb the disinfectant, causing problems with the water treatment. Pipework Cleaner consists of special granules for deep cleansing of the spa pipework.




Brominating Tablets is a highly effective bromine sanitizer intended for use in hot tubs and spas. Its performance is affected less by fluctuations in pH than that of chlorine-based sanitizers, providing a more consistent level of cleanliness and avoiding the unpleasant odors of chlorine.



Anti-Foam removes the foam caused by turbulence created by spa and hot tub jets and circulation systems. The anti-foam is ideal for use with most types of sanitizers and will not affect the pH level.



Well being is also about the right water quality and the right balance. The pH value which affects the longevity of your spa,  the efficacy of the water care products and your well-being should be maintained between 7.2 – 7.6. Total alkalinity (TA) contributes towards the water quality and balance and should be checked regularly. To avoid undesired effects, quality issues and balance problems these values should be checked at least once per week and more often after a fresh fill.



Bayrol Sap Time 1lt Clarifier. Very small particles cause turbidity in the spa water. Adding clarifier to the water will help these small particles to collect (conglomerate) and be taken back to the filter.




Bayrol Spa time Ph Plus - to increase the ph levels in your spa. The correct Ph value is the basis for all water treatment. Enhances the effect of all care products. The optimum ph value should be between 7.0 - 7.6.

Easy to use

Fast dissolving.

Non cloudy

Dissolves completely without residue.



Check the pH at least once a week using the SpaTime 5 Test Strips. If necessary, decrease the pH to a value between 7.0 and 7.6. Add the necessary amount of pH-Less directly to the spa water, filtration in operation.



Bayrol 20g Chlorine tablet in a 1kg container. Chlorine tablets 20g have a high available chlorine content and therefore reliably dissinfect your spa water. The slow dissolving properties allow consistent chlorination over a long period. The special formula ensures the 20g ablet dissolve only when the circulation pump is running to avaoid overdosing.

Stabalised chlorine

No impurities,Ph neutral

We also sell other products, chemicals, acsessories and much more for your hot tub...

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